Audrey Tolson Appears on TruTV Part 1

Case Georgia vs. Neuman

In the state of Georgia, there has been a day-care shooting and the father of two children, has been killed from close range. Our lead malpractice attorney, Audrey Tolson, was asked to appear on TruTV and answer a few questions, giving her own legal advice on the matter. Defendant Hemy Neuman has been charged with malice murder for shooting father, Rusty Sneiderman. Neuman has pleaded not guilty due to insanity and his attorneys are suggesting that he did not know right from wrong in the whole situation. One of the gun shot wounds was explained by the medical examiner to be shot from point blank range straight into the victim's jaw. Attorney Tolson explained that for someone to shoot their victim when they are that close in range, they most likely have psychological or anger issues. This should definitely tell law enforcement officials a lot about Neuman's character because it is much more difficult and austere to knowingly shoot a victim as such close range.

Neuman admits to shooting Sneiderman outside of his two-year-old son's day care facility. The defense is claiming insanity but the prosecution will most definitely be playing up malicious intent and the pure evil character of the defendant. Attorney Tolson says that both could be a possible reason and the verdict will depend on whoever can make the most compelling case and sway the jury. She did however claim that in her opinion she believes that the defendant was "crazy in love" with the victim's wife and acted irrationally out of anger. It was found that Neuman previously worked with the victim's widow, Andrea Sneiderman, as her boss. Both the prosecution and the defense are claiming that Neuman was in fact having an affair with the victim's wife.

They then brought to question County detective of the Dunwoody Police Department, Jesus Maldonado who was with Andrea when she got the news after the shooting occurred and he exclaimed that interestingly enough there were no tears shed from her on behalf of her late husband. Attorney Tolson definitely believes that the jury will read into this as an unusual response. Detective Andrew Thompson was also questioned as a witness shared his testimony of the encounter he had with Andrea. About 30 minutes into his interview with her she stated that he was "barking up the wrong tree" if he was looking for anyone that might have calculated her husband's murder. She also proclaimed that everyone who knew her husband, loved him and would never dream of killing him. Attorney Tolson is suspicious as to why Andrea would rule out an entire category of suspects right after finding out that her husband has been gunned-down. From the evidence and testimonies so far, she believes that the wife may have in fact known about the plan to kill ahead of time. No one knows if Andrea herself will be taking the stand in this case and the verdict has yet to be determined.

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