Paraplegia & Quadriplegia

Atlanta Paraplegiga Birth Injury Lawyer

Was your child's paralysis caused by a birth injury?

Paraplegia – paralysis of the lower body and legs – and quadriplegia – paralysis of all four limbs – are harrowing disabilities that may rob the victim of opportunities throughout their life. These devastating forms of paralysis do not only affect older individuals and victims of violent accidents, though. Without proper care during labor and delivery, the newborn could be afflicted with paraplegia or quadriplegia, crippling the baby from the moment it was born.

If your baby sustained either paraplegia or quadriplegia as a result of a birth injury, it is important to determine whether the injury could have been prevented, and who might be responsible. An Atlanta medical malpractice attorney at The Tolson Firm, LLC can support you in this difficult time of need with experience you can trust and compassion you can rely on. We have litigated dozens of multi-million dollar cases to a successful resolution on behalf of our clients, and are ready to begin work on your claim today.

Consequences of Quadriplegia & Paraplegia

An individual suffering from paraplegia or quadriplegia must face daily struggles that most other people do not even think about. Aside from the obvious physical impairments caused by paralysis, they may also have to handle:

  • Medical bills: Treatment of someone suffering from severe paralysis can last a lifetime. Steep medical bills are sure to add up and it might be impossible to save up any finances.
  • Lack of employment: Although it is illegal to discriminate against an individual for having a disability, many employers will find a way to sidestep this regulation, often declining the paralyzed a fair opportunity.
  • Advanced mobility: The inability to operate an automobile can have unforeseen consequences that negatively affect multiple facets of an individual's daily life.
  • Emotional duress: Unfair social stigmas and judgements can weigh down on anyone, and those suffering from paralysis could become emotionally depressed as time goes on.

Representation from an Experienced Atlanta Attorney

Learning that your child has begun life in a state of partial or total paralysis may be one of the most emotionally challenging experiences you will ever live through, and it is one which you should not have to face on your own. Come to The Tolson Firm, LLC for an initial consultation, where we will review the circumstances of the injury to determine whether you have grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit. We can represent you throughout the entire process, from assembling the necessary evidence and medical testimony to support your claim, to representing you in court if a trial is necessary to recover compensation.

Contact The Tolson Firm, LLC if your child has paraplegia or quadriplegia and you believe that the condition should have been prevented.

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