Audrey Tolson Appears on TruTV Part 2

Continuing on from our previous blog about this infamous news story, Attorney Audrey Tolson was brought on as a guest on TruTV to give her legal advice on the case of Georgia vs. Hemy Neuman. He is being charged with the murder of Rusty Sneiderman and is suspected of having an affair with the widowed wife, Andrea Sneiderman. Mrs. Sneiderman denies all notions of an affair and she has stated that her previous boss, Mr. Neuman could not have committed this crime and should not be considered a suspect. Andrea was hired under him in April 2012 and a few short months later in July, Neuman claims that he is having visions of an angel telling him that Rusty Sneiderman's kids are really his. Audrey Tolson believes that Mr. Neuman was "crazy in love" with Andrea and may have committed this violent act out of jealous rage.

Attorney Tolson is a renowned medical malpractice attorney and after looking at the autopsy reports of the victim, she reports that there was gun powder found on the skin which lead them to believe that the gun had contact with the skin and was shot at a very close range. Witnesses testify that Neuman continued to shoot at Rusty after he was down which definitely shows signs of extreme anger. It is also reported that immediately after the murder, it was found that the defendant returned to work which is clear sign of someone with severe psychological issues.

TruTV gives us the inside scoop from a police interrogation with the defendant that was conducted a month after the incident. Hemy Neuman had plenty of time to get his story straight but after hours of interrogation, he still gave police officials enough information to lead to his arrest. Mr. Neuman however, has confessed to the crime but is pleading not guilty by reason of insanity.

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