The Tolson Firm, LLC Has 4th Largest Verdict in Georgia for 2012

Here at The Tolson Firm, LLC we are proud of the verdicts and settlements that we recover for our clients. We believe that you deserve the very best, which is why we never settle for less than you deserve. Our firm represents medical malpractice, birth injury and personal injury victims in and around Atlanta and we have a track record of success to show for it. One thing that most people don't know is that our firm co-counseled on a case that ended up being the fourth largest verdict in Georgia for the year 2012. The Case name was Warren Shulman v. Georgia Department of Transportation, CW Matthews Inc. and Arcadis U.S. Inc. The plaintiff was represented by James N. Sadd and our lead attorney Audrey Tolson.

The injury victim was a lawyer himself who sustained catastrophic and permanent injuries in a bicycling accident. He was crossing a bridge when the tire of his bicycle got caught in an open longitudinal joint. Warren Shulman was out on a Sunday morning ride on June 1, 2008 with approximately a dozen other bicyclists when the accident happened. Apparently the joint was part of the original bridge design as a way to reduce vibration and structural loads and it runs along the roadway for nearly 300 feet. It came to light through back and forth litigation that the joint was designed to only be one inch wide but after building was complete it ended up being 2.25 inches wide which is not compliant with the design.

It also came to light that there was a prior accident in November 2007 that occurred as a result of the preexisting condition. After this accident there was no attempt to repair the joint or to warn people of the condition. Due to the plaintiff's run-in with the longitudinal joint, the 65-year-old suffered head injuries, a neck fracture, a collarbone fracture and injury to the C4 and C7 vertebrae which required surgery. He was also diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. The severe injuries led to multiple permanent injuries including pain in the hands, left leg, left foot and difficulty swallowing.

These persistent pains keep the plaintiff from performing strenuous physical activities including biking or running. After much deliberation, the jury found that the extent of the plaintiff's injuries amounted to be $7,600,000 in value. In Georgia, the state's exposure is limited to $1 million, so the total award of compensation was reduced and came out to be $4,040,000. In the end, the Georgia Department of Transportation was found to be 60% liable and Arcadis, the engineering firm, was found to be 40% liable.

If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of third party negligence, then we can help make it right. Contact The Tolson Firm, LLC for top-notch legal representation in your injury case.

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