Medical Malpractice at the Dentist

Recently, NewsChannel revealed that a dentist in Chesapeake, Virginia, was committing a variety of fraud and negligence crimes which were putting both his clients and his staff in danger. The dentist has already been placed on indefinite probation for his crime and is being called out by former employees who say that he wrote them bounced checks for salary. Clients say that they received less-than-satisfying results after procedures that were completed at the dental office.

One former employee from the office says that as a single mother, the bounced checks became a hardship. She eventually quit her work at the office because it was too difficult for her to keep up her bills and expenses while dealing with the bounced check situation. A variety of employees have quit after receiving a variety of bad checks. Records show that the state Department of Health Professions suspended Dr. Broadaway’s dental license for two months and forced him to pay a $20,000 fine as a result of poor employer tactics. Once his license was reinstated, he went back to his old practices of bounced checks and poor service.

Broadaway has feigned innocence regarding the issue. He is currently on indefinite probation for a list of violations at his practice. According to Fox 8 Mr. Broadaway’s offenses don’t only have to do with his payments to his employees. A former patient claims that the dentist left a drill inside her tooth while performing a root canal and did not tell her. Another woman claims that she was disfigured and permanently injured by the dental implants that Broadaway installed in her mouth. Over the years, the board has reported Broadaway for incomplete extractions of teeth or drilling too deep into teeth and causing the patient to have an unnecessary root canal.

Documents also say that Broadaway has billed patients for work that he never did in the past. Now, angry patients and employees are coming after Broadaway in a multiplicity of dental medical malpractice lawsuits. If you have been injured by dentist who did poor work or disfigured you during a procedure, then you have the right to seek compensation as well. You need to contact an Atlanta medical malpractice lawyer if you are a local who has been harmed by an unscrupulous dentist who has hurt you or overcharged you in any way.

Don’t allow an unprofessional doctor to get away with his or her mistakes! Instead, start by contacting The Tolson Firm, LLC today. You can seek damages for pain & suffering, additional medical work, the original cost of the procedure, lost wages during recovery, medication expenses, and more. An Atlanta attorney at our firm will help you to compile a list of expenses which should be met with your lawsuit. Check out our website today for more information!

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