Subdural Hematoma Causes & Treatments

A hematoma is a collection of clotted blood in the tissue, outside of the blood vessels. This is typically a result of a broken blood vessel or artery that was caused by a head injury. In cases of infants, a subdural hematoma can occur during gestation or delivery and it usually stems from doctor or hospital negligence. Unfortunately with an injury of this nature, it can eventually lead to the formation of cerebral palsy, which is a disorder that hinders the motor control and movement area of the brain.

In order to determine whether or not a subdural hematoma evolved into cerebral palsy, the doctor will have to conduct cranial ultrasonography studies and take images of the infant's brain. A child with this condition may have to under physical therapy and long term treatment in order to gain mobility. In some cases however, when babies are born with a subdural hematoma and cerebral palsy, they are not usually able to live an independent life and a long term caregiver may be necessary.

The main symptoms of a subdural hematoma include limited mobility and inability to control certain muscles such as the arms and legs, elbows and knees. In cases of this nature, if those muscles are not exercised then the condition may become permanent. That is why immediate physical therapy is crucial. This kind of constant medical care and treatment however, does not come cheap. Many families end up exercising the child's right by seeking compensation for their birth injury.

If you believe that your child's hematoma or cerebral palsy was caused by doctor negligence, then you should speak to an Atlanta birth injury attorney about your chances of obtaining a settlement to help pay for care. Here at The Tolson Firm, LLC, we can help you take legal action and seek monetary compensation for your child's injuries. By holding the negligent party responsible for their actions, you may be able to prevent a similar tragedy from happening to another infant.

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