What is the Statute of Limitations of Medical Malpractice in Georgia?

If you are a victim of medical malpractice, then you must act fast if you are looking to file a claim against the person or entity responsible. Not many people are aware of how long they have to file their claim, which is why it is important to consult with an Atlanta medical malpractice attorney. Our firm is highly adept in Georgia medical malpractice law and we can comprehensively explain the statute of limitations and how it pertains to your case. Victims of medical malpractice should always be mindful of the limitations, because if you fail to file your claim within the allotted time period, then you may lose your right to recover compensation for any damages. So be sure that you consider the statute of limitations before taking the time to file your lawsuit years downs the road.

In Georgia, the government gives medical malpractice victims two years from the day that the malpractice occurred. For injuries that did not surface right away, petitioners are given two years from the time that their injury should have been reasonably discovered. For example, if you had a defective medical device implanted, the harmful side effects may not surface until a few months later. Once your injury has become apparent, the two year countdown to file your malpractice claim will begin. If you have lost a loved one due to wrongful death, then your family is given two years from the date of their death in order to file a lawsuit.

Aside from the statute of limitations, Georgia also has a statue of repose which could also limit your ability to a file a medical malpractice claim. This injunction makes it so that you have a five year limit after the malpractice act occurred in which to file your claim. With the statute of repose in mind, it is vital that you speak with medical malpractice attorney as soon as your notice your injury. If you are able to file your lawsuit within the legal statutes, our Atlanta medical malpractice lawyers may be able to help you recover compensatory, non-economic and punitive damages if we can establish fault. Our firm can investigate your case and work to compile admissible evidence to support your claim. We provide high caliber, serious legal representation for the seriously injured and we have a proven track record to show for it. With a Superb Avvo Rating of 10.0, you can feel confident knowing that we will diligently fight to protect your rights and maximize your award settlement. For tried and true medical malpractice representation, contact The Tolson Firm, LLC. We offer a free initial case review!

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