Types of Cosmetic Surgery Errors

Have you recently gone under the knife for a cosmetic plastic surgery? Unfortunately, there are times when patients visit a cosmetic surgeon just to have one small adjusted made and they end up leaving with more problems than when they started. When plastic surgery goes wrong, it is hard to fix and it could leave the victim feeling scarred. All a patient wants to do is repair their appearance and have it fixed by a competent doctor. However, if a cosmetic plastic surgery doctor acts negligently in the operating room, they could cause serious damage. If you ended up walking out of the procedure feeling worse about yourself because the doctor made a mistake, then you may be able to hold that doctor accountable to pay for damages.

With any medical procedure, patients know that there is some level of risk involved and that the doctor cannot give them a 100% guarantee that they will love the end product. On the other hand, patients never expect to walk into an operating room and have the doctor deliver less than the expected standard of care. When a plastic surgeon fails to perform at the expected standard and their negligence causes you harm or injury, then you should speak to an Atlanta medical malpractice lawyer from The Tolson Firm, LLC. We have assisted countless surgery malpractice victims and we can help you hold the plastic surgeon liable for their mistakes.

Here at the firm, we bring over 16 years of experience into our cases and are 100% committed to helping our clients attain the best possible compensatory award. Contact our firm today if you have fallen victim to one of the following cosmetic surgery mistakes:

  • - An anesthesia error during the surgery
  • - Poor postoperative care
  • - Developed a hospital infection
  • - They damaged the nerves causing you to lose feeling
  • - They performed surgery on the wrong body part
  • - They performed the wrong cosmetic procedure
  • - They performed the procedure on the wrong side of the body
  • - They performed unnecessary surgery and did not consult you

Breast Augmentation and Reduction

The point of plastic surgery is to attain a desirable aesthetic result. When patients don't get the result that they want, it is usually because the plastic surgeon ran into a complication. Some common surgical errors with these particular cosmetic procedures are:

  • - The breasts are the wrong size
  • - The patient experiences nerve damage
  • - The shape of the breast becomes distorted
  • - The patient experienced serious scarring
  • - The breasts are not asymmetrical
  • - The patient lost a nipple which requires further surgery to fix


The aesthetics of the face are probably the most important to patients because that is the main area of focus. People strive to maintain attractive facial features, which is why they get facelifts to reduce the signs of aging. However, at times this type of procedure can lead to actual, physical harm. For example, some facelift patients have reported that too much skin was removed and that they were unable to close their eyes all the way. Other times, patients have experienced excessive scarring or nerve damage. With nose jobs, doctors don't always get the nose perfectly asymmetrical and patients have also been known to suffer breathing difficulties in some cases.


People who are looking to slim down in some areas will turn to liposuction for their weight loss needs. However, there are times when the doctor makes a negligent mistake during the procedure. Some liposuction surgeries that went wrong resulted in some of the following:

  • - Body disfigurement
  • - Loss of feeling or numbness
  • - Rupturing an organ during surgery
  • - Problems with internal bleeding
  • - Perforations of the stomach
  • - Wrongful death

If you underwent surgery to improve your appearance in some way, you should end up leaving the doctor's office feeling better about yourself, but that is not always the case. If you or someone you know has suffered an injury due to a cosmetic surgery error, then you should find out if you are eligible for compensation. No one should have to live with the complications of cosmetic surgery mistake and have to undergo several corrective surgeries, yet this happens far too frequently. In some severe cases, patients even suffer wrongful death because things went south in the operating room. If you have lost a loved one as a result of a surgical error, then you should seek restitution for any emotional and financial damages that your family has suffered.

Contact our Atlanta medical malpractice attorney today to fight for your right to compensation!

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