How to Prevent Hospital Infections

Did you know that 48,000 Americans die every year due to a hospital acquired infection? In fact, studies show that hospital infections end up killing three times more people in the U.S. than HIV does. These infections are caught during their stay at the hospital and simple little mistakes are costing patient's their lives. The infections that are being acquired are not ones that those patients would have caught outside the hospital. Many of these infections are caused by ventilators or the use of catheters. One major infection that has been around for years is the MRSA staph infection- thousands of people contract this superbug every year. Sick people go in and out of the hospital everyday and they bring several different kinds of bacteria, viruses and fungi with them. Ironically, the place that we all go to in order to heal is the place where we can also contract contagious infections. Even though hospitals can be havens of infections, there are several proactive tips to help you stay healthy during your stay at the hospital.

Wash Up Frequently
By washing your hands or using waterless sanitizer gel, you might be able to kill any germ carrier that you come across. It is also important that your nurse or physician always washes their hands every time they enter your room. Don't be afraid to ask them if they have washed their hands recently.

Make Sure Open Wounds Stay Clean
If you have an open cut or deep wound, it is vital that you keep it dry and clean. Make sure they are dressing it frequently so that it does not come loose.

Beware of Catheters
There are times when catheters become necessary but the longer you have one the more prone you are to infection. You should ask everyday if you still need the catheter and if you do, be sure to check that the drainage tube has not dislodged and keep it clean and dry.

Keep People Informed
You should always fill your doctor or nurse about any conditions that you have that they should be aware of or that could possibly affect your healing process (like diabetes for example).

Follow the Doctor's Orders
Be sure that you understand the doctor's instructions and that you follow them as directed. If you are confused about any of their orders be sure to ask someone.

Watch Out for Unhealthy Visitors
If you have friends or family that want to visit you during your stay at the hospital, just make sure that they are healthy. Anyone who is sick should send a card rather than stopping by to visit.

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