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Atlanta Brain Injury Attorney

Causes of Brain Injuries

The brain is the control center for all of the major functions of the body: movement, eating and digestion, reproduction, breathing and circulation, etc. When the brain becomes injured the results can be anything from difficulties remembering to complete unconsciousness. The Tolson Firm, LLC has helped many individuals and families to negotiate high value settlements when loved ones have suffered from brain injury due to medical malpractice. Brain injury can cause partial or full paralysis of limbs and/or organs within the body.

Other possible symptoms include:

  • Emotional problems such as severe depression or intense anger
  • Inability to control bodily functions
  • Personality alterations
  • Difficulty speaking
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Memory problems
  • Seizures

How Can an Atlanta Medical Malpractice Attorney Help You?

Medical malpractice causes of brain injuries often occur when surgical errors are made. Birth injuries can lead to a permanent brain injury, forever changing the future of the child and their family. Brain injuries can also occur when the brain is denied sufficient oxygen due to anesthesia error. A brain injury can cause tragic effects for a family and the resulting financial burden to can cause tremendous strain. If medical malpractice or medical negligence was the cause of the brain injury, it is likely that you have the right to pursue financial compensation from the responsible parties.

Our firm has been helping families who have suffered from the negligence of others for close to two decades. We are dedicated to helping them recover resources to help them deal with the effects of malpractice and negligence and to bring them some kind of justice. We understand how difficult this time can be for a family or the victim. We want to help. We are proud of our record of success for our clients.

Contact an Atlanta brain injury lawyer at our firm today to consult with us concerning your case. Don't allow medical malpractice to go unchecked.

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