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Types of Birth Injuries in Atlanta

Atlanta Birth Injury Attorney

The birth of a child is a joyful event, but also one which requires the highest level of care and precaution to protect the baby from harm. The body of a newborn is fragile and highly susceptible to damage, and birth injuries carry the potential for causing lifelong health complications or disability. Birth injuries are some of the hardest medical malpractice cases, because babies are innocent and helpless. When something happens to a newborn child, it is a tragedy to think of how it could affect the rest of their life.

If your child has suffered any type of injury during birth, you may be entitled to recover full monetary compensation for the present and future costs of the injury, both in terms of the financial expense for treatment and care, and for pain and suffering. Retaining an Atlanta medical malpractice attorney to represent you in a medical malpractice claim against the obstetrician, a nurse or another healthcare practitioner will greatly increase your chances of success.

Come to The Tolson Firm, LLC for a consultation, to determine whether you have grounds for a claim. With more than 17 years of experience helping people in your position, we know what it takes to make an effective case based on medical negligence. We will do everything we can to settle the claim quickly, but will not hesitate to go to trial if necessary.

Types of Birth Injuries

While it is true that some birth injuries are inevitable, the majority of them are caused by doctor negligence or some type of medical mistake during labor or delivery. The life of a mother and child are both precious, which is why they must be closely monitored and medical staff should take every precaution to ensure their health and safety. When doctors make mistakes, it does not make them bad people, but it does mean that they were not paying full attention or they are not adequately trained and experienced. However, it is not just for a child to have to suffer with a birth injury at the fault of another. Here at The Tolson Firm, LLC we provide legal representation to help children who have suffered from any of the following birth injuries:

Each of these birth injuries has various side effects and that could limit the child's abilities, cognitive development or motor skills. For more information on one particular birth injury, speak with an Atlanta birth injury attorney at our firm today. You can also use this helpful resource to learn more about specific birth injuries. We can offer you the support your family needs and ensure that your child get the proper care and treatment that they deserve.

How The Tolson Firm, LLC Can Help

We help families pursue damages for all types of birth injuries, from spinal cord injuries which can lead to paraplegia & quadriplegia, to brain injuries such as hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE). Our firm not only fights for compensation for present medical bills and damages, but also future medical expenses. A life time of care can cost your family a fortune, which is why you must not settle for whatever the insurance companies offer you. Be sure to exercise your rights so that you can recover the full amount of restitution that you are entitled to. This way you can create a plan of care for your child as they grow up into adulthood.

Certain injuries are immediately apparent at the time of birth, but others may not manifest for weeks, months or years after the incident. It is sometimes difficult to detect a birth injury, but if you have noticed delays in development or if your child has been diagnosed with mental retardation, it may be possible to trace the condition back to a birth trauma. Fill out our case evaluation form and call us today.

Contact an Atlanta birth injury lawyer for aggressive legal representation to help you recover compensation for any type of birth injury.

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